The Combined Association was started back in 1985 by Ron Curtis who served aboard the

Everglades and the Currituck as a Torpedoman.

Since then, the Pine Island one of our sister ships of the Currituck class has joined the association.


As time goes on the crew does not get any younger so we have suffered the problem of Departing

Crew member which you can check on this site.

We are a non-profit organization that collects annual dues of $25.

The dues go to defray the Reunion expenses and help publish our news letters Semi Annually

for Snail mail (US Mail) and at least 4 to 5 times a year by E-Mail only

We only need input and support.


New Member Application (Click on Wanted Poster)


We have DESTROYER TENDER AND SEA PLAN TENDERS Both are Repair ships, the Destroyer

Tenders duty's are obvious they keep the SUB Chasers / Torpedo boats  up and running. We have a Story about

 the USS Borie DD215 a 4 stacker WW1 vintage Torpedo boat that took on 3 German U-Boats in a Epic battle in the  North Atlantic World War II

But what about the Sea Plane Tender

The Seaplane Tenders operated ahead of the Fleet. They survived by hiding in Jungle river inlets with a host of flying

 boats and the Navy’s famed PT boats. As Pacific, forces advanced toward Japan, these ships served as afloat-bases for

 patrol planes referred to as the “eyes of the fleet.” There defense was the large fabric-clad PBY “Catalinas” and later

 PBM “Mariners” combed the seaways for Japanese forces and carried out bombing, depth charge, and torpedo

 attacks on enemy ships and submarines. Nighttime anti-shipping operations missions were dangerous and daytime

 combat operations even more so, when encounters with more maneuverable and heavily armed fighters necessitated

 hiding in clouds to survive. The Japanese were keen to destroy the scouts and their floating bases, and seaplane

 tenders often lived a furtive existence, particularly early in the war.

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